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Can I Evict My Roommate?

  When Roommates Go Bad   Having roommates can be so much more fun than living alone, and save a ton of money. But roommates can also drive each other crazy! If the problem is that the roommates never do dishes, leave the toilet seat up, and host the occasional wild party, the solution is probably to either come up with some ground rules or learn to live with it.   What if the problems become more serious? What if your roommate never pays rent, trashes the house, or starts doing something illegal on the premises? The first step is simple: tell them to...

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Can Grandparents Get Custody in North Carolina?

  Ideally, every child would be raised by loving and responsible parents. But unfortunately, we all know that sometimes this is not the case. When the parents of a child are abusive or neglectful, a grandparent may be able to step in. Although it can be a difficult process, grandparents can get custody of their grandchildren in North Carolina in certain situations.   When the grandparent is like a parent.   Sometimes parents step out of a child’s life and leave them to be raised by grandparents. Maybe the parent was not ready, the child was unwanted, or other factors like drugs and alcohol make...

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Creating a Separation Agreement

In an ideal world, every marriage would be happy. But, we all know that is not the reality. Couples may decide to separate for many reasons. As the comedian Louie C.K. said, “Divorce is always good news. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true because no good marriage has ever ended in divorce.” Divorce can be extremely difficult and painful. But, after the divorce, both parties will be free from a bad marriage. To go through this difficult process, it's best to have an experienced divorce lawyer or divorce attorney on your side. Here are some tips on how to...

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How to Evict a Tenant in North Carolina

    The most common reason for a landlord to evict a tenant is if the tenant fails to pay rent. Another reason may be if the tenant stays in the property after the lease has run out. This is called a “holdover tenant.” But how exactly does a landlord evict a tenant? 1. Give notice to the tenant.   The landlord needs to make the tenants aware that they will try to evict them. The tenants also need to know why the landlord is trying to evict them. The landlord should look closely at the lease to see how to do this. It should...

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Commercial Landlord Tenant Law: Listen to the Lease!

  Landlords and tenants in commercial leases have the same goal: staying open for business! But we all know that despite people’s best intentions, things can go wrong. Commercial leases are no exception. Let’s talk about some “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” in commercial landlord tenant law. Read the Lease!   According to professionals like the solicitors Cavan town, a lease is a private contract between two parties. A good lease should account for all of the problems that might arise in a landlord/tenant relationship. Landlords should make sure that the lease clearly spells out the procedure they can follow if needed. For instance, what can...

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Contributory Negligence

You may be wondering what contributory negligence is. Contributory negligence is a defense that if the accident was your fault in even the slightest way, you will not be able to recover any money from the opposing party. There is good news and bad news for to this. The good news is that many states in this country have a different approach in that the amount you are responsible for the accident comes out of the money you are awarded. The bad news is that North Carolina is not one those states. North Carolina still recognizes contributory negligence which means...

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NC Landlord/Tenant Law 101

Many families and individuals today are choosing to rent over owning their own home especially with all of the new apartment buildings sprouting up all over Charlotte. But there are still families who prefer to have their own home in NC. If you are also thinking of buying a home in Charlotte, here is a reliable Data source - Is Charlotte NC a Safe Place to Live? - HouseReal. For renters or tenants, renting can provide certain benefits including little maintenance, no property taxes or home owners’ insurance, and less commitment. However, when disputes between a landlord and tenant arise, the...

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Who needs estate planning?

Countless people make the mistake of believing they don’t need an estate plan. After all, only the extremely wealthy have an “estate”… right?

You might be surprised to learn that you have an estate—at least you do if you have:

  • investments,
  • a house,
  • a car, or
  • a savings account.

Don’t have any of those? How about personal possessions? If you have clothes on your back, you have an estate. That’s why professionals from sites like burzynskilaw.com are your allies.

We all want to know that our wealth—whether that’s an investment account or a beloved collection of dog-eared books—will go to the right people when we’re gone. Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts

At its most basic, that means having a will that tells your loved ones who should receive which possessions, and when they should receive them. This includes the classic stuff you think of in a will—“my book collection I leave to my brother, the avid reader; my investments, to my husband; my heirloom jewelry, to my daughters” and my hobby with state investments with stocks, which allows greater exposure to stock markets in pursuit of higher returns, Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts can be overwhelming but exciting !

But, there’s much more to an estate plan than just “who gets what.”

Succession Planning for Your Family Business: Start Preparing Now!

Every owner of a closely-held family business wants to know the business will continue—even thrive—once they’re gone. A well run, well managed family business can provide for you and your loved ones long after you’ve stepped down from its operation. It can even support your family after you’re gone. Most owners I talk to expect that their business will continue long into the future. This is exactly why most of them opt to work with a legal team from companies like https://www.cunninghamlegal.com/how-much-should-a-living-trust-cost/ from an early stage.

The reality, though, is less encouraging. According to the Family Business Institute, only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation—most often due to a failure in the succession planning process on the part of the business owner.