Child Custody Overview

The Best Interest of the Child Our clients all have one thing in common: they want the best for their children. The State of North Carolina does too. That’s why the standard for establishing custody is the best interest of the child. It all goes back to what’s best for the kids. But life is messy and sometimes adults cannot cooperate. Sometimes one parent loses his or her way and forgets what is best for their children. And sometimes, a … Continued

Free or Inexpensive Legal Options in NC

If your piggy bank is running low, we understand that legal fees are the last thing you want to pay. But, resolving a dispute, a speeding ticket, or a family law case may be worth the cost. It may lead to greater peace of mind, a point-free license, a custody schedule that works for your family. In some cases you may even get a settlement or verdict in your favor, and attorney’s fees paid by the other side to boot! … Continued

Contributory Negligence

You may be wondering what contributory negligence is. Contributory negligence is a defense that if the accident was your fault in even the slightest way, you will not be able to recover any money from the opposing party. There is good news and bad news for to this. The good news is that many states in this country have a different approach in that the amount you are responsible for the accident comes out of the money you are awarded. … Continued