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Divorce is difficult. Let us make it easier for you.

Do you need help learning how to obtain a divorce? Would you like a competent and kind attorney to explain what your rights are and how to achieve your goals? What about letting her handle it for you for a one-time flat fee? Simple absolute divorces (a divorce with no associated issues like alimony or child custody arrangements) are even simpler when you entrust them to an attorney such as Shawntae Crews.

Getting out of a rough marriage is hard. We can help smooth the transition.

Our Personal Approach

She can usually put all the pieces together, file everything, serve your ex, and get the divorce granted quickly without you having to do anything yourself, aside from providing some basic information to her.

But what if the issues are more complex? Do you need alimony or post-separation support? How will you divide property you once shared with your spouse such as the house and cars? What about child custody and child support? Shawntae is happy to advise and assist you with all of those issues and more. Splitting up can be extremely messy. Bringing in a calm and level-headed attorney can turn a contentious shouting match into a peaceful resolution. Because these situations are often complicated, Shawntae cannot make any guarantees that everything will turn out exactly how you want. But, her job is to zealously advocate for you and your best interests, and that is what she will do in your case.

We understand that each of our clients have unique legal problems that require novel solutions.