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Free or Inexpensive Legal Options in NC

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Free or Inexpensive Legal Options in NC

If your piggy bank is running low, we understand that legal fees are the last thing you want to pay. But, resolving a dispute, a speeding ticket, or a family law case may be worth the cost. It may lead to greater peace of mind, a point-free license, a custody schedule that works for your family. In some cases you may even get a settlement or verdict in your favor, and attorney’s fees paid by the other side to boot! Read on to learn more about our options and some local free or low-cost legal resources which can help you in many cases such as family law, business or a simple rear end collision.

Free Personal Injury Consultations

We offer free personal injury consultations for car accidents and premises liability (ie, slip-and-fall, dog bites, assault, work site accident, etc.) cases. This is because in a personal injury claim, a personal injury lawyer is usually paid by contingency. Their payment is contingent upon the outcome of the case, so they get paid a percentage of whatever the settlement or verdict is. According to the reputable accident lawyers at Bengal Law if you are a victim of a car crash and you need someone who can help you file a lawsuit, then you will need to hire a car accident lawyer or an auto accident lawyer who can get you the right compensation and assist you with your case.

$100.00 Consult for Other Cases

We charge $100.00 for our one-hour consultations for civil litigation that’s not personal injury. This includes family law, landlord/tenant, disputes over real property, breach of contract claims, etc. A consultation is almost always necessary to successfully handle any legal matter. We need to get the background information from you to know whether or not you have a claim, and we need to hear your side of the story.

A consultation can be a great way to get some legal advice so that you can successfully litigate motorcycle accident claims while representing yourself. A personal injury lawyer may be able to give you some helpful tips to do just that so you feel more confident going out there by yourself. But if you decide to retain her, a consult is also the first step towards an excellent client/lawyer relationship. During the consultation, we can strategize to come up with a game plan for you to get what you need. It’s important to us to know exactly what our clients care about and get them as close to their goals as we can.

But What If I Can’t Afford it?

We have many clients call who can’t afford the consultation fee. Rest assured that if you call us we will take a few minutes to speak with you for free, and at least try to point you in the right direction. Even though $100.00 may seem like a lot, it may be worth it as at the very least you will be getting an hour to sit down and speak with an attorney about your problems. But if you really can’t afford it, here are some great resources for free or cheaper:

Legal Aid of North Carolina

This is a great resource for low-income clients who need urgent legal help. They may be especially helpful if you feel you are being wrongfully evicted. Legal Aid of NC is located on Elizabeth Avenue in Charlotte. Click here to learn more.

Mecklenburg County Self Serve Center

The self serve center is located on the 3rd floor of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse on 4th Street in Charlotte. When you exit the elevator on the 3rd floor, walk to your right, around the corner past Civil Filings. The self serve center may be able to help you fill out and file documents or find a lawyer. They have workshops where they will go over certain types of litigation (for instance, child support and custody) in detail. They sometimes even have local lawyers volunteer to give free legal advice. Please bear in mind that their hours are often limited from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Click here to learn more. 

Mecklenburg County Bar Association

The Bar Association has a lawyer referral service (LRS) that can get you a half hour consult with a lawyer for $50.00. Crews Law Firm uses the service and we have received some excellent cases from the LRS! Click here to learn more about the LRS. They also have a useful page with links to other resources.

Law Library on CPCC’s Cato Campus

This is a great resource for conducting legal research. They have shelves full of cases, statutes, legal encyclopedias, and digests. The law library is located on the Cato Campus, right by the intersection of Grier Road and W.T. Harris Boulevard.

Google Scholar

Another great resource for legal research is Google Scholar. The Internet is full of helpful information, but there is also a lot of misinformation online. Google Scholar collects academic articles and cases which have more legitimacy than a random website.

We love our clients and the people of Charlotte, NC. We want to help you even if you are afraid you cannot afford legal services. Although we do not offer pro bono services or free consults at this time, we try to make our services as affordable as possible. Hopefully this page of free and low cost resources helps!

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