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Residential Leasing

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Helping tenants protect their rights, and landlords protect their property.

The majority of inquiries we get at the Crews Law Firm involve residential leases. Attorney Shawntae Crews has helped landlords evict troubling tenants many times – often after the landlords were turned away from court after trying to litigate the case themselves. The court system is complex and there are very specific rules regarding when and how landlords can evict tenants. Shawntae can help you navigate that system.

We get the most inquiries about this area of law. Let us answer your questions today.

Our Personal Approach

She knows that evictions are usually stressful and frustrating, and she will work efficiently and quickly to resolve the situation for good. If the tenant appeals the decision, Shawntae can represent you in the appeal as well. What would it feel like to trust your case to a fighter who knows the ins and outs of landlord/tenant law? Call us today to find out.

But don’t worry – Shawntae represents tenants as well. We get many calls from tenants dealing with slumlords who do not make much-needed repairs and ignore serious problems such as mold and vermin. Tenants also call us when they need representation to fight their eviction or when they are trying to break out of a lease early. Shawntae can help you with all of those types of cases and more, often for a reasonable flat fee. Often, she is even able to advise tenants or answer simple questions over the phone for little or no cost.

We understand that each of our clients have unique legal problems that require novel solutions.